Good news: UFOs ruled to not be a threat to Britain

The Telegraph has reported that Britain (on average) receives one Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) visit per month but the Ministry of Defense has ruled that such visitors are not a threat and has ordered an end to all official investigations of them – saving taxpayers £44,000 a year as that’s how much is still spent annually on a “UFO desk.”

Back in 2009, the Ministry of Defense abandoned its UFO hotline and dedicated desk officer – causing concern among those who believe that UFOs could be a threat but this is what the head of the UK Air Traffic Control had to say:

Occasionally there are objects identified that do not conform to normal traffic patterns. It does not occupy a huge amount of my time. There are approximately one a month.

File:ET Moon.jpg

However, Nick Pope, who ran the UFO desk from 1991 to 1994 and now researches UFO sightings privately,  did state that:

One of the problems was that an increasing number of the reports the MoD was getting were low quality. When someone has a photograph though, that should be considered to be a different situation. The MoD has the personnel and equipment to very quickly analyse an image to tell whether it has been altered and identify what an object might be.

No word on whether there was any increase in UFO or alien visits (as in extraterrestrials and not AWOL athletes…) for the Queen’s Jubilee or the London Olympics but we did note back in July an apparent UFO sighting at the opening ceremony that was captured on video released by the Alien Disclosure Group UK.

Hence and should you spot a UFO while flying or on the ground, don’t bother to call the MofD or the RAF – call the Alien Disclosure Group UK instead!

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