Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot STOL competition in New Zealand

The Alaska Dispatch has brought our attention to the Healthy Bastard Bush Pilot Champs which, back in February, was a Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) competition held down in New Zealand. Apparently, the event was held in conjunction with some sort of flying doctor service in New Zealand and a short video posted by the Alaska Dispatch of the competition is worth watching:

The competition was held at the Omaka Airport by the Marlborough Aero Club on Saturday February 2, 2013, with 55 pilots from around the country competing in 4 weight class categories. Scores were counted as the total of shortest distance for takeoff and for a full stop landing over two circuits.

An all-metal Zenith ZMX won the light sport category averaging just 18 metres to get airborne. The Zenith STOL is considered to be the ultimate light sport utility kit plane as its often called the Sky Jeep and its available in DIY kit form from Zenith Aircraft Company.

So why is the Alaska Dispatch bringing attention to the Healthy Bastards STOL competition in far off New Zealand? Turns out, the New Zealand pilots want to hear from bush pilots in Alaska:

Dear Bush Pilot,

Thought you might be interested to see what we do here in New Zealand and if there is any way to learn from you guys and perhaps link in if one of your bush pilots happens to be heading our way it would be great to meet them.

Likewise and if there are any pilots in the UK who might be interested in a STOL competition, check out the page dedicated to this year’s competition on the Marlborough Aero Club’s website along with a special Facebook page as I suspect it might become an annual event.

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