How do I choose a flight school?

If you are planning to learn how to fly, choosing the right flight is critical. After all, learning how to fly is a huge investment in both time and money. Hence, both a video along with recent post (What do you mean by Part 61 or Part 141?) created by Jason Schappert of are well worth reviewing.

In fact, the video created by Jason, which was intended for the AOPA’s Let’s Go Flying Blog, lasts for 10 minutes – in other words, its very comprehensive and well worth watching. On the other hand, the blog post focuses on the rules and requirements associated with Part 61 and Part 141.

According to Jason, the key things to think about when choosing a flight school are:

    1. Do I want to train Part 61 or 141?
    2. How much am I willing to spend?
    3. How much time can I actually invest?

In addition, the key questions to remember to ask a flight school are:

    1. What is the average total cost?
    2. Is ground school provided?
    3. What is you maintenance policy?

Keeping the above advice in mind along with watching Jason’s video and reading his post about Part 61 and Part 141 will go a long way towards helping you choose the flight school that best suits your needs.

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