How do I choose the right flight instructor?

If you are planning to learn how to fly, choosing the right flight instructor will have an impact on whether you have a successful and positive training experience. After all, your flight instructor will greatly influence both your attitude and your approach towards flying.

Hence, an answer written by Paul on Ask a Flight Instructor in response to a reader’s question of how to choose a flight instructor is well worth reading. Paul began his answer by noting some of the questions you should first ask when selecting a flight school, namely:

    • What type of flight school is offered? 
    • How many instructors are there?
    • How many training airplanes do they have?  
    • What flight training courses are offered?  
    • What about the costs? 

Paul then noted that when you visit flight schools and start narrowing down your options, you should always try and sit down with the Chief Instructor to discuss their program and your schedule. Moreover, you should always chat with some of the other students to learn what they think of the school and its instructors.

Once you have a shortlist, Paul then suggested that you schedule an introductory flight with the flight instructor who you are considering having as a teacher. In that way, you can gauge his or her professionalism and teaching style while keeping some of the following questions in mind:

    • Was the instructor on time to the flight?
    • How was the instructor dressed?
    • Does the instructor seemed organized?
    • And most of all, do you feel safe? Is this someone you would let take your kids or spouse on a flight?

Finally, Paul noted that if you don’t feel comfortable with one instructor, find another one. After all, its your time, your money and your safety that is at stake.

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