How do I know if my flight training is on track?

Given the amount of time and money that flight training can take, it is important for would-be pilots to stay on track and to know whether or not they are on track. Hence, a short post by Jason Schappert is well worth reading.

According to Jason, there are three ways to know if your flight training is on track:

  1. Transfer of Responsibility: At first, the instructor will solely be responsible for the safety of the flight. Eventually though, the instructor will start to transfer responsibility over to you the student pilot and during each flight, you should notice a steady gain in responsibility.
  2. Types of Questions Asked: If you aren’t studying, your flight training will not stay on track. Hence, your flight instructor will be asking you questions to see if you are keeping up with your studies when you are not with him or her in the cockpit.
  3. The Post Flight: Upon completion of a flight training session, you should at least be walking away feeling like you learned something. In fact, Jason even pointed out that “if your not walking away feeling that you could have done something better you’re not learning enough!”

Jason ends his post stating that you should never be afraid to ask your flight instructor a question (in a nice way of course!). After all, some day you will be all alone in that cockpit!

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