How London’s “levitating” magician really flies

Dynamo, a magician who recently caused a stir in London by appearing to levitate alongside a double-decker bus, was not actually levitating but performing an illusion. That’s pretty obvious, but how did he do it? - Dynamo Levitating

A crowdsourced investigation conducted on Australia’s Facebook page determined that Dynamo’s “arm” was actually a steel prosthetic fastened to the bus while a harness was used to lift him into position (with his hand tucked inside the “arm”).

This was determined by the lack of any movement of the fingers on the “arm” and the lack of anyone seeing Dynamo when he hovered up to the bus plus the arm looks like a fake:

However, he is hardly the only illusionist to enjoy “hanging around” using fake arms as Johan Lorbeer, a German street performer, likes to hang off walls using this arm captured in an Agence France-Presse photo: -Johan Lorbeer

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