How to become a safer pilot

Jason Schappert has recently written a great post for his MzeroA blog about how to become a safer pilot. Jason began his post by pointing out that regardless of their size or bulk, airplanes are actually delicate machines. Moreover, Jason noted that it takes a significant amount of time to learn how to become a safer pilot.

Jason then gave five tips to become a safer pilot. These tips included:

Practice Frequently. As a student pilot, there are plenty of opportunities to develop the skills necessary for safe flying plus its a great opportunity to practice as there is always an instructor to watch over you and correct you when you make a mistake.

Pay Attention to Your Instructor. A pilot’s instructor will play an important role in how someone develops as a pilot. However, Jason also pointed out that not all instructors are created equal as some are just trying to make extra money in order to build time for a future pilot position. Nevertheless, you should still use your instructor to the fullest extent possible.

Always Keep Your Wits About Yourself. A pilot will need to be cool under pressure in the cockpit in order to fly in an orderly and a safe fashion. Moreover, a pilot must always follow proper procedures even when under pressure – whether the pressure is due to flying conditions or due to the passengers on board.

Avoid Being Overconfident. All pilots, even those who are highly rated, need to avoid becoming overconfident. Moreover, Jason further added that pilots who are overconfident in their instrument skills will more than likely get themselves into trouble. 

Stick to the Regulations. Rules are rules and they exist for a reason. Hence, a pilot will need to fully understand and comprehend all of the rules inside the cockpit and apply them on every single flight.

Keeping Jason’s above tips in mind will go a long way towards making you a much safer pilot.

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