How to do an effective preflight briefing (Blue Angels style)

Todd McClamroch, the blogger behind, recently had the opportunity during the Chicago Air & Water Show to get a behind the scenes sneak peek at how the US military’s Blue Angels C-130 crew do a professional preflight briefing. The video is well worth watching and Todd wrote that:

We don’t all have the privilege to fly a four-fanned C-130 supporting the Blue Angels, but we can strive to bring that level of forethought, professionalism and preparedness to each of our flights. Whether you are flying with other pilots, passengers or flying solo I think it is extremely valuable to verbally walk through aspects of your upcoming flight including emergency procedures.

He also noted that:

I am fairly particular about who I choose to fly with and one immediate turn-off is when another pilot neglects to provide a preflight briefing. On the flip side, I am immediately put at ease when I share a cockpit with someone who takes time to conduct a proper briefing.

And if you are looking for additional tips about how to do a preflight briefing, Todd ended his post by suggesting a post by Paul on Ask a Flight Instructor for some sample scripts and then a podcast that was done several years ago by Jason Miller of FinerPoints.


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