How to execute a missed approach

John Fiscus, the Chief Pilot of The Flight Academy, has written post for the website of the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) that includes two videos that cover how to properly execute a missed approach along with some of the common errors that he has seen pilots do when they have not recently done this type of maneuver. John began his post with a flight simulator video that explains the so-called “5 C’s, push, push” – a simple way to remember how to execute a missed approach:

C- Click

C- Cram

C- Climb

C- Clean

C- Communicate

Push (Susp) 

Push (siwtch CDI from VLOC to GPS if applicable)

John then posted his eight minute flight simulator video to demonstrate some of the difficulties pilots have when executing a missed approach plus he also noted the following ways to practice a missed approach:

1) The usual – full autopilot, use all the functionality

2) Hand flown – use the Garmins to their full effect but hand fly the whole approach, then hand fly the whole missed

3) Go missed early on an approach, see if you know what to do.

Since mistakes happen to both new and experienced pilots when executing a missed approach, John’s videos are definitely well worth watching. 


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