How to get back into the cockpit again

Getting back into the cockpit after a long flying hiatus can be a little intimidating. Hence, a recent post by Chris Findley on the Let’s Go Flying Blog is well worth reading as he noted that when he works with people who have taken a break from flying, he has found that the longer the break, the more apprehension the person has about recouping their flying knowledge and skills. He then wrote that he knows what he is talking as he was in the same position himself once.

In fact, Chris had a 15 year break from flying. It wasn’t until he received a copy of Plane & Pilot’s Annual Guide to Aviation Careers by mistake before he caught the flying bug again. He then went out and found a great flight school with a patient instructor who helped him get off the ground again.

Hence and from his experience, Chris has the following advice that is well worth noting by anyone thinking of returning to the cockpit:

1.)  You will remember more than you think!

2.)  You’ll fly better than you imagined.

3.)  They’ll be more to learn and more airwork to be done.

4.)  Don’t let the jitters get to you.

5.)  Be patient.

Chris ended his post by mentioning that AOPA’s "Getting Back into Flying" site is an excellent source of information for anyone who is interested in returning to the sky.

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