How to make a soft field landing

Jason Schappert of has recently put together a great short video about how to make a soft field landing (that is, a landing on an unpaved surface such as a grass or a dirt landing strip). In the video, Jason talks you through a proper soft field landing by first noting that you will want to protect your nose wheel. As he explained in the video:

I’m going to come in and you know what, sometimes I even carry a little bit of power because I wanna touch down on the mains first and really hold that nose wheel off until the last second. You also want to really avoid braking.

In addition, he noted that the key to a great soft field landing is to manage your airspeed. Hence, your speed will need to be a bit slower (however, this is not necessarily always the case with every soft field landing).

Jason’s short video is well worth watching, even if you do not regularly land on soft fields.



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