How to multitask in the cockpit

Multitasking will be a critical skill that pilots need to have in order to fly an aircraft. After all, a pilot will need to  navigate, communicate and fly the plane at the same time.

Hence, a recent video and post put together by Jason Schappert about multitasking in the cockpit is well worth watching as he shows pilots how to manage distractions in the cockpit. Some of Jason’s multitasking tips included:

  • Know what you are looking for and how to look for.
  • Have it all organized.
  • Look and check for your location over and over.
  • Don’t forget to fly the airplane.

At the end of the video, Jason also asked his readers to comment about how they multitask in the cockpit and what tools or methods they use. Hence, feel free to visit his blog and post your comments there.


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