How to perform steep turns video

Jason Schappert, the pilot blogger behind, has recently put together a short video covering a “neat new approach” that he is using to teach steep turns – a fairly important concept for student pilots to learn early on in their flight training. Jason began his video by noting that he has noticed that many of his students are struggling with steep turns. However, Jason pointed out that the secret to performing steep turns is to have consistent:

  1. Airspeed.
  2. Bank angle.
  3. Sight picture.

He also added that performing steep turns is a really visual maneuver. Hence, you should be able to perform one just by looking out of the cockpit window (In fact, Jason added that he will sometimes cover the instruments when he has his students performing steep turns).

At the end of the video, Jason asked viewers to leave comments on his site with tips for performing steep turns and already, 79 comments have been posted.


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