How to recognize and recover from spatial disorientation

Experiencing spatial disorientation in flight can potentially be deadly and yet it can sometimes be difficult to tell when you are experiencing such an illusion. Hence, Jason Schappert of has recently created and posted a podcast and a video that covers the topic of spatial disorientation in flight. In the first podcast, Jason discuses the different types of illusions that can occur in flight by using the following acronym:

I – Inversion

C – Coriolis

E – Elevator

F – False Horizon

L – Leans

A – Autokinesis

G – Graveyard Spin/Spiral

S – Somoatogravic

Jason explains how to recognize each of these spatial disorientations and more importantly, how to recover from them:

In the second video, Jason asks his viewers what instruments you can trust when you are spatially disorientated. In the video, Jason explains that you should first look at your airspeed indicator and then your other instruments and adjust accordingly:


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