How to recover from a deadly stall spin

Spins and not knowing how to properly recover from one can lead to deadly accidents. In fact, the Alaska Dispatch’s Bush Pilot blog has recently noted that aviation experts are blaming the lack of basic flight training and stall spin awareness as a cause of a recent increase in Alaska aviation accidents this year. And while weather and poor decision making are also being viewed as major culprits for the rise in accidents, Alaskan flight instructor Marcus Paine was quoted as saying that the FAA “spends millions of dollars on runway incursion awareness that have never killed a single Alaskan pilot, but has spent no money on stall spin training — the single biggest killer of Alaska pilots annually." He also added that most pilots never get proper hands-on stall spin experience outside of any pre-solo stall awareness training.

Marcus then made the point that every pilot should fly with a qualified flight instructor and learn what happens during a stall spin scenario. By doing so, a pilot will become proficient at recognizing just how easy a stall spin scenario can happen as well as learn how to recover from one – if your response is quick and if you have enough attitude.

However and if you want to learn more about proper spin recovery techniques, be sure to check out this short video that was put together by Jason Schappert for his website. In the video, Jason outlines a three step spin recovery process that can greatly increase your chances of recovery should you enter into a deadly spin.

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