Icing videos

If you are flying in cold climates or in weather conditions where icing is a concern, Paul Tocknell has posted two videos that are worth checking out on AskaCFI.com. In the first video which was written by NASA, the FAA and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Air Safety Foundation, practical information is presented that will help a pilot to avoid, detect and minimize exposure to ice during every phase of a flight. The video contains scenarios that follow two pilots – one piloting an aircraft that is ice-protected while the other pilot is flying an unprotected aircraft. In the second video, useful information is provided about ice-contaminated horizontal stabilizers and icing type problems are described along with suggested recovery procedures.

Both videos are very comprehensive as they run for almost an hour and are packed full of useful tips. Hence and given the potential risks and dangers associated with ice, both videos are well worth watching by any pilot who either flies in cold climates or may encounter icy conditions.


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