Intense spin recovery video

Hat tip to Sulako’s Blog for finding and posting this intense video of a skydiving flight that could have turned into a fatal accident when the pilot accidently stalled the aircraft while slowing to allow the jumpers to jump.

Apparently, the aircraft went below the minimum safe approach speed on run-in causing a stall and subsequent spin. The skydivers then exited the aircraft and the pilot was able to recover and land safely.

The aircraft was then inspected and no defects were discovered but as a precaution, it will undergo stress analysis. Likewise, the pilot will be receiving extra training to avoid a re-occurrence while all pilots with the company will have more intense stall and spin training in order to be able to identify and recover from situations where a stall or a spin may occur.

Sulako used the video provide the following suggestions to pilots should they ever encounter a similar situation:

  1. Neutralize the controls by moving the control column to the neutral position, wings level.
  2. Apply full rudder in the opposite direction of the spin.
  3. You may need to check forward on the controls a “wee bit” to break the stall.
  4. Once rotation stops, level the wings and ease out of the resulting dive, reducing power if necessary once above stall speed.

However, Sulako also pointed out that some aircraft DO NOT RECOVER from spins – meaning you must focus on NOT putting these types of aircraft into a situation that may cause them to spin. Moreover, some types of aircraft will have non-standard stall or spin recovery techniques that you will need to know in order to recover.

Hence, Sulako’s entire post is well worth reading – along with all of the relevant documentation the aircraft you fly comes with that.


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