Introducing the Air Deck: A balcony for your luxury jet

Hat tip to Aviatrix for finding and posting this a link to the latest apparent innovation in bixjet luxury: The air deck balcony for your private luxury jet. According to Gizmag, BAE Systems has partnered with Design Q, a luxury transport design consultancy firm, to develop an “Air Deck” viewing platform for BAE’s Avro Business Jet (ABJ). The platform is aimed at jet setters who head off the beaten flight path and want to transform the rear of their aircraft into a living space with an elevated outdoor viewing deck.

However, a jet equipped with an Air Deck will probably be beyond the reach of most of our readers as David Dorman of BAE Systems noted in an update to the article:

In terms of cost, this will depend of course on the level of interior specification chosen, but as a ballpark we reckon on around $16-18 million fully equipped. The actual cost of the basis aircraft is remarkably low because these are pre-owned aircraft, therefore with a lower price.

Not to mention, an aircraft equipped with an air deck is probably the last thing a British pilot needs at this time of year!


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