Introducing the Stearman Wing Conference Table (and other aviation themed furniture)

If you are looking to redesign your office space or give it an aviation feel, MotoArt has just created a unique series of Stearman Wing Conference Tables with each being a custom size in length up to 24 feet. Clients can also determine the final colors of the wooden spruce spars and base support legs with finishing touches including tempered glass that is custom cut to maintain the shape of the wing:

A quick look at the MotoArt website reveals a whole series of aviation inspired conference tables along with other types of tables and numerous other aviation themed pieces of furniture or accent pieces like a F-4 Ejection Bar Stool:

And then there is this G2 Gulfstream Conference Table that would definitely be the closest most general aviation pilots get to owning an actual Gulfstream!:

Then again, I don’t see any prices listed on MotoArt’s website as one needs to inquiry directly with them regarding pricing – meaning their bigger products could well be beyond the budgets of most general aviation pilots! With that said, MotoArt does have showrooms or sales  offices in California, Maryland, Reggio Emilia (Northern Italy) and Amman (Jordan) where would-be decorators can see their aviation themed items in person or they can browse the company’s website. Likewise, the video below tells a little bit more about MotoArt’s design philosophy and “the art of being green with a strong historical presence…”

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