Jersey whooper swan falls in love with a £6million chopper

The Daily Mail has a rather bizarre story about a whopper swan in Jersey who lost his mate a few years ago and has fallen in love with a £6million Eurocopter EC155. Even more strange is the fact that although dozens of different choppers fly in and out of the runway every week, the whooper only has eyes for the EC155. He even recognizes the chopper’s engines when it flies in, chases it down the runway and then sits and nestles by it until the chopper’s owner flies off again!

Since the pilot and local airport officials were afraid the swan would fly into the chopper’s rotor blades, they decided to have a vet clip his wings. And while there are many swans in the area, there aren’t any other whooper swans.

A local employee told the Daily Mail:

‘He seems very happy but I would like to find him a female white swan – but this is Jersey and there aren’t many around.

‘So if anyone can help me find him a mate that would be brilliant. It would also stop him flying around the airport when his feathers grown back.’

So if you know of a lonely female whooper swan in need of a mate, please contact the Jersey Airport or the nearby Les Mielles Golf and Country Club before his wing feathers grow back and this love affair ends in tragedy!

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