JetSetVets: The ultimate private-jet, ride-along-vet & concierge-pet service

Both CNBC and the Daily Mail have run an AP story profiling JetSetVets, America’s only private-jet, ride-along-vet, concierge-pet service that was founded by celebrity veterinarian Dr. Cindy Bressler who has a house call practice in New York and the Hamptons. She’s also partnered with Los Angeles and Beverly Hills veterinarian Patrick Mahaney and Blue Star Jets, a New York-based private jet brokerage that promises to have a small, medium, large or jumbo jets ready to go anywhere in the world in less than four hours (they were even the subject of a conversation between Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps). - JetSetVets-w800-h600The vets will dispense medicine, change dressings, monitor IVs and drips and handle any in-flight medical care required by a pet as well as provide alternative services such as acupuncture, massage and laser treatments. The company will also prepare animals for trips, apply for travel documents, provide an on-flight chef to prepare specialty meals and work with veterinary hospitals when needed in an emergency.

The article goes on to describe how the cat of one New York client was diagnosed with cancer and needed radiation available only in Colorado. So the client, his assistant, the ailing cat and its feline companion plus Dr. Bressler made the trip there, but the cat’s VIP treatment did not stop there:

At the hotel, the cat’s owner had the presidential suite remodeled to resemble his New York apartment and hired the hotel chef to cook his pet gourmet meals when chemotherapy and radiation treatments zapped its appetite. The owner even had his cat’s litter airlifted to Colorado so it would be familiar.

After 10 days with the cat, Dr. Bressler returned to New York.

As you can imagine, the JetSetVets service comes with a pretty hefty price tag as renting a jet can cost between $1,000 and $12,000 an hour while vets Bressler and Mahaney charge $200 an hour. And then there are other extras like pet nurses, pet chefs, pet medical equipment, pet drugs and other pet related services plus added jet-related costs that aren’t included in these figures. In other words, you need to really love your pet and really be rich to use JetSetVets!


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