Knowing where the accident hotspots are

Just as some roads or certain stretches of roads tend to have more accidents than others (especially in certain weather conditions), airports and the skies above them are no different. Hence, a recent blog entry by Max Trescott is well worth reading as he identifies three categories of so-called accident “hotspots” that pilots need to be aware of:

Airports – Since mid-air collisions are more likely to occur near airports, Max suggests enforcing your own “sterile cockpit” rule (that is, no idle chit chat) when 10 miles of a departure or destination airport.

VORs – Max also mentions that he has experienced close encounters with other aircraft near a VOR and he suggests that pilots either avoid flying directly over a VOR or to ask for flight following from ATC.

Local Hotspots – Certain intersections or local geographic areas tend to have more than their share of accidents and Max suggests reviewing accident data for areas where you fly often or better yet, ask the local airport officials or other pilots what specific locations you need to be more vigilant.

Max’s entire post covers each category in some detail and hence, is well worth a quick read and should leave you thinking about where the local hotspots are at your home airport or the skies above it. 

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