Landing and takeoff videos from Lukla: The world’s scariest airport

Lukla, the tiny air strip that is the gateway to Mount Everest in Nepal, easily ranks as one of the scariest airports in the world to both land at and take off from. After all, Lukla is at 2,860 metres (9,380 ft) with a runway width of 20 meters and an incline that is a staggering 11,75° (almost 20%) that leads to a cliff. To further complicate matters, no landing aids are available while ATC is limited to AFIS (Aerodrome Flight Information Service).

As you can see in this first video, an aircraft landing at Lukla will need to go from 150 knots to (hopefully) a complete stop in just seven seconds:

That also means that a takeoff from Lukla is equally tricky:

Finally, here is a cockpit view of a takeoff from Lukla:

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