Learning how to fly again: What would you do differently?

While learning how to fly is a great experience, there is always something that could have been done differently when looking back with more experience under your belt. Moreover, flying has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades and hence, today’s would-be pilots have more options to choose from compared with those learning how to fly just a few years ago.

Hence, Vincent has recently posted a great entry on Plastic Pilot with some tips that anyone who is considering flight training now or in the near future needs to consider. These tips can best summarized by asking yourself whether you should learn how to fly:

  1. At a controlled airport or an uncontrolled airport?
  2. In a general aviation aircraft or a light sport aircraft (LSA)?
  3. In an airplane with classical instrumentation or a computerized glass-cockpit?
  4. In Europe or in the USA?

Keeping the above points in mind, we would like to ask our readers: If you had to learn how to fly again, what would you do the same or differently? Moreover, what advice would you give to those thinking of learning how to fly now or in the near future?

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