Maastricht Airport (EHBK)

Maastricht Tower

Maastricht combines the best bits of a big airport: lots of air traffic control, instrument landing systems and a long runway with the worst bits of a provincial small airport: no taxis when you want them and unnecessary bureaucracy.

You clear customs and immigration at one door, pay the landing fee in an office in the tower and get your met and file flight plans in another (typically well-equipped) room.  It takes about 30m to sort everything out so don’t expect a rapid departure.  Similarly, since we arrived between scheduled flights there were no taxis.  We called one from the information centre and it took twenty minutes to arrive.

Arround de Corner

We liked this sign: “Arround de corner”.  Since everyone spoke better English than we did, I think this is their idea of a joke.

Airport information

Tel.  +31 (0)43 358 9999 .

Runway 04/22, 2,500m (8,202ft)

Open: 06:00 and 23:00 hrs

Customs: Available

Instrument approaches: Available

Airport website:


Taxi Banens:  +31 (0)46 437 5252

AVIS Tel.  +31 (0)43 325 2377

Budget Rent A Car Tel.  +31 (0)43 364 0046

Europcar Autoverhuur Tel.  +31 (0)43 361 2310

Hertz Tel.  +31 (0)43 364 8585  or (0)43 325 1971

National Car Rental Tel.  +31 (0)43 365 3070

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