Marriage proposal seen from the air has a BIG typo

ABC News Blogs has mentioned a creative marriage proposal that involved an airplane and a plowed field with just one problem – a spelling error. Farmer Loren Lentz of Clayton (Washington) decided to plow a marriage proposal into a 200-acre field near the Deer Park Airport. However and after an hour and a half on the tractor, Lentz’ 10 year old daughter pointed out that instead of plowing “Jody Will U Marry Me,” he had plowed “Lody Will U Marry Me” as he got the “J” backwards. - Marriage Proposal from the Air

His sister suggested taking some straw to cover up the problem and redo it, but fixing a 150 yard long “J” would require too much hay for a thrifty farmer plus it would look funny from the air. After thinking about it some more, Lentz decided he would not be able to easily fix it and so he hoped for the best.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving when the weather cleared, Lentz convinced his girlfriend to go flying with a pilot friend of his to look for a service truck that had gotten stolen over the summer. Luckily for him, she agreed without much of a fuss.

While flying over the area, Lentz asked her to take some pictures of his hay stacks and that’s when she saw the proposal and he pulled out a ring. Despite the spelling area in her name, she said yes and the wedding is planned for January 19th as the couple does not believe in long engagements because “when you know, you know.”

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