Model walks into a spinning propeller blade

Apparently over the weekend, Lauren Scruggs, a fashion blogger / model accidently walked into the blades of a spinning propeller after a night flight to view Christmas lights in Dallas. The victim will survive but she did end up loosing a hand plus suffered severe injuries to part of her face and shoulder.

Its not clear how the accident happened but her parents believe she went back to the aircraft to thank the pilot when she inadvertently walked into the spinning propeller blades.

Nevertheless, the accident shows both pilots and their passengers alike the need to be extra careful, especially at night, when entering and exiting propeller driven aircraft. In other words, be extra cautious and mindful when that propeller is spinning and tell your passengers to not enter or exit the aircraft until it has stopped.

Propeller Accident


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  1. Chris Findley December 7, 2011 at 03:36 #

    What I'm wondering is why the blades were spinning with passengers walking around the plane? Seems like such an unnecessary tragedy…


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    […] few more details have come about the last weekend

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