More great iPad tips for pilots

Air Facts Journal has recently posted a top 12 list of iPad tips for pilots that included the following:

    1. Use Airplane Mode to verify that chart databases are downloaded.
    2. Secure it in the cockpit.
    3. iPad screen capture.
    4. Enable Night Mode for viewing approach charts at night.
    5. Use GoodReader for document management.
    6. Know that you are legal.
    7. Bring a backup.
    8. Use an external GPS for reliable position data.
    9. Maximize iPad battery life.
    10. Don’t leave the iPad on the glareshield during the day.
    11. Use the iPad’s Reminders app for maintenance tracking.
    12. Use Multi-Touch Gestures for easy multitasking.

Each of these tips came with detailed explanations that are also well worth reading.

In addition, pilots with iPads or those thinking of getting one (or perhaps might find one under their Christmas tree) should also check out some of our previous articles about iPads in the cockpit, including Common problems pilots experience with iPads as electronic flight bags, Why pilots should not upgrade their iPad or iPhone electronic flight bag and iPad proficiency for pilots video.

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