More useful aviation acronyms or abbreviations

These useful aviation acronyms or abbreviations come courtesy of Captain Smithy who recently posted them on PPRuNe (Professional Pilots Rumour Network):

TARFUN – Things Are Really F’ked Up Now (Description of a major error or calamity, e.g. new EASA rules, a major navigational error, CAS bust, multiple engine failure etc.)
AFI – Another F’ing Inconvenience (Useful catch-all term expressing generic frustration, e.g. Bad weather, ATC delays, EASA, Volcanic Ash, Enviromental protestors turning up at the airport to chain themselves to the gates etc.)
FUMTU – F’ked Up More Than Usual (Usually the result of Volcanic Ash, new EASA directives etc.)
FUBB – F’ked Up Beyond Belief (Usually with reference to EASA, or the routine result of a license application to the CAA)
FIFI – F’ck it, Fly It (Stupidly heading off into the sky in the face of a number of negative factors whilst SUSFU, e.g. aircraft unserviceability, bad weather, lack of funds etc. – usually leads to a TARFUN or a FUBAR)
GTFO – Get The F’ck Out (A speedy retreat requiring rather quick ambulation in the opposite direction of hostility, e.g. the aftermath of a CAS bust, the aircraft catching fire on the ramp, a fall-out with the CFI, etc.)
CATFU – Completely And Totally F’ked Up (Similar as most of the above)

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