MotoArt: Sculpture and furniture out of old airplane parts

Hat tip to the Winged Victory Women in Aviation Webzine for posting a link to MotoArt – a California based design firm that makes art and furniture out of used airplane parts. Apparently, artist and aviation buff Donovan Fell III had spotted some old and dented B-17 propellers that were in the back of a metal junk man’s scrap pile and destined for the scrap heap. This gave him an idea and he spent a few weekends degreasing, sanding and polishing the blades in beautiful artistic sculptures. Eventually, his new hobby became a full time and lucrative business making artwork and furniture pieces such as bars, beds, credenzas, desks, tables and chairs. And as you can see from some of the creations below, it is amazing what can be done with an imagination and old airplane parts!

    Airline Galley BarC-130 Navigators Chair C-119 Airplane Rudder Desk

707 Fuselage Partitions

C-119 Credenza


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