Mountain flying tips

Flying over mountains in a small plane can be tricky, especially if those mountains are on the scale of the Rocky Mountains (or for that matter, the Alps or the Pyrenees in Europe). Hence, Brian has posted a very detailed post about mountain flying (specifically the Rocky Mountains in a small plane such as the Cessna 182) Mountain Flying on Brian’s Flying Blog.

Brian begins by suggesting that you first fly near a mountainous area and get some specialized instructions by local instructors who are experts in flying over mountainous terrain. In addition, he also posts some helpful links to mountain flying books or resources on the internet with Mountain Flying LLC by far being the most useful resource available (sadly however, the man behind the website and a number of books about mountain flying, Sparky Imeson, recently passed away in plane crash). Brian then posts a number of tips that he has picked up from these sites and has them conveniently posted under topics that include landings, takeoffs, climbouts and crossing ridges.

Hence, the post is a must read by any pilot who has plans for flying over a mountainous area in the near future.

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