Mounting and using an iPad in the cockpit

John Ewing, the blogger behind the Aviation Mentor blog, has searched long and hard for a suitable electronic flight bag (EFB) but recently he purchased an iPad and after using if for a few weeks, he has written a post with more useful observations about using one in the cockpit.

Besides covering the use of the SkyCharts Pro application and other applications, John covered the important topic of how to properly mount an iPad in the cockpit. This included physically mounting one to the cockpit and kneeboard options. However and as John pointed out in his post, these options have their pluses and minuses.

At the end of his post, John noted that he hasn’t accessed a paper chart during his last few weeks of flying although he still carries a few just in case. Moreover, he concluded his post by saying that with the iPad, his dream of a paperless cockpit is almost here.



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  1. Steve Kahn January 2, 2011 at 22:20 #

    I just tried to use a kneeboard holder for my ipad in my Mooney.

    Just a bit too close to the yoke hitting it, and I keep having to look down.

    I will check out the yoke mount and the glare shield mount.

    If they don't work, I can just pick it up when I need it


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