Must have aviation apps for the iPad/iPhone

If you are both a pilot and a technology geek, John Ewing has written a lengthy post for his Aviation Mentor blog detailing must have aviation related apps for the iPad/iPhone. Some of the aviation iPad/iPhone apps that John wrote about at length included the following:

Note Taking. Rather than use a pen and a piece of paper, John is now using Penultimate on his iPad which allows a user to take notes using a fingertip as a pen. He also uses a web-based service called EverNote to organize his notes.

Logging Time. John wrote that LogTen for the iPhone can also run on the iPad and that soon there will be an iPad version of the program. He also pointed out that Logbook Pro now has an iPhone app that could be just the ticket for PC users, though I’ve not used it and cannot make any hard and fast claims.

Training. For student pilots or those who do not fly regularly, John noted the iPad’s ability to display videos as well as Keynote lectures. In addition, he pointed out that the Numbers app is useful for tracking a pilot’s training progress.

Scheduling. John wrote that the iPad’s built-in Safari web browser is particularly useful for accessing web-based aircraft scheduling sites such as Moreover and in addition to being an electronic flight bag, he noted that the iPad itself is practically a portable electronic office.

At the end of his post, John pointed out that the iPad still has its share of rough edges – such as reports of ones overheating in high temperatures. Nevertheless and with an iPad or an iPhone increasingly looking like must have devices in the cockpit, John’s entire post is a must read for all iPad/iPhone users who fly.


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  1. Mike April 4, 2011 at 14:53 #

    There is an iPhone app to help pilots work through if notification to the NTSB is required. It is basically a wizard that steps through 49CFR830. Would be very useful in a stressful situation.

    It is called Notify NTSB on the App Store.

  2. John Butts September 6, 2012 at 20:38 #

    Also don’t forget AeroPlates from They have sync’d over 1m plates to pilots across Europe. Its free to install and use.

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