Mythbusting common aviation myths

Ron Rapp, the blogger behind the House of Rapp blog, has written two posts (Part 1 and Part 2) in what he promises will be a three part series about aviation myths or specifically: Mythbusting aviation myths. Ron noted that his list is by no means exhaustive but they are the aviation myths that he most frequently encounters among non-pilots, student pilots and even experienced pilots.

So just what are these aviation myths? Consider the following:

    1. Logging “actual IMC” is only allowed when flying in clouds or low visibility.
    2. Flying without appropriate charts is illegal.
    3. Perfect eyesight is a requirement to be a pilot.
    4. Time-between-overhaul (TBO) is mandatory.
    5. Repairs must always be accomplished using FAA-approved parts.
    6. Only an FAA-certificated mechanic can perform maintenance on an airplane.
    7. Shock-cooling an air-cooled piston powerplant causes premature wear, engine damage, IRS audits, and the defeat of your favorite sports team.
    8. You can become a pilot with just 40 hours of flight time!
    9. Stalls and airspeed are related.
    10. Tailwheel airplanes are not worth the difficulty and hassle.

Ron also writes in considerable detail about each and every one of these aviation myths to further help bust them.

However, we want to ask you our readers what you think: Are the ten aviation myths on Ron’s list really myths? Moreover, are there other aviation myths to further add to this list that he should write about in his third post on the subject?



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