New aircraft from Epic Aircraft

Epic Aircraft Logo Aero-TV has recently conducted an interview with Rick Schrameck, the CEO of sometimes controversial Epic Aircraft, where he discusses the company’s current and future plans. For those unfamiliar with the company, Epic is an Oregon based maker of high-performance aircraft and is noted for making experimental 4 to 7 seat turbo-props and jets. The core of its business is a so-called “Owner-Assist” program where builders are able to create a sophisticated airframe with the assistance of Epic staffers. However, Epic’s pushing of the FAA’s amateur-built definition has gotten them into hot water in the past and has given the FAA a headache – leading to an unwelcome change in the rules. Nevertheless and despite “some lofty announcements about serious financial backing that has failed to materialize over the past two years” and other controversies, Epic continues to announce new and interesting product offerings.

Moreover, Rick’s interviewer points out that Epic seems to have the ability “to pull beautiful finished looking aircraft out of the air in 6 months time” while Rick himself makes the point to say that “good looking aircraft sell.” Thus, and despite the controversies, Epic seems to have carved out a niche for itself in the high performance and experimental aircraft industry.

The interview is worth watching and their website is well worth a browse to see what is happening on the experimental scene.

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