New aviation iPad and iPhone apps

John Ewing has written a post for his Aviation Mentor blog where he has reviewed or mentioned a few new aviation iPad/iPhone applications. These new apps include:

AirWx. A handy app for getting a quick view of an area’s weather before getting an official weather briefing. There is no recurring subscription price and the cost is just US$10. In other words, buy once and use forever.   

CFITools Preflight Wx. This integrated tool will help you with several important pre-flight planning tasks, namely weather, runway lengths and takeoff/landing performance for various types of aircraft. For example: Just enter a departure airport for a graphic representation of the winds along with the airport’s runways plus a headwind and crosswind component for these runways. The app will also provide a historical plotting of altimeter, ceiling, dew point, visibility and winds – all for only US$30.

Radio Navigation Trainer. This final app is great for both student pilots who are still trying to master VOR and NDB navigation or any pilot who spends a considerable amount of time staring at glass panels as the app will display two navaids of your choice. The price is only US$2.

John ended his post by asking readers to comment about their favorite aviation iPad/iPhone apps and we invite you to do the same – especially about any aviation iPad/iPhone app specifically meant for the UK.


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  1. Hani April 18, 2011 at 20:20 #

    These are Android apps that I use, in case there are non-Apple users out there 🙂

    * Aviation Weather

    * IATA/ICAO Dictionary (contains Notams, Weather, Airline codes, aircraft codes, aircraft registration, etc…)

    * Intellipilot: flight logbook, with the bells and whistles

    Hope this helps…

  2. Dustin @ theme park May 6, 2011 at 17:37 #

    Nice, thank you for your post! I

  3. mike December 23, 2011 at 17:47 #

    iPad App for Ground Reference Maneuvers:

    Improve your piloting skills with Pilot GRMs. See your actual ground track for your ground reference maneuvers.

    -Turns About a Point, S-Turns, Figure 8s, and Rectangular Pattern.

    For new pilots determining your actual ground track can be difficult at first. For seasoned pilots preparing for a BFR or just improving your precision can be hard without specific feedback on your performance. PiotGRMs HD will track your ground reference maneuver on a heads up display interface. It will not only show you where you were on or off your desired ground track but calculate your accuracy throughout the maneuver.

    Flight instructors use this app to email a picture and stats of the maneuver to your students for visual feedback, as a very useful training aid.

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