New green aviation engine uses alternative fuels

On an interesting environmental and green aviation note, General Aviation News and Creamer Media’s Engineering News Online have both recently noted how South African general aviation company Adept Airmotive has developed the first general aviation engine, Adept 320T engine, which is able to power a light aircraft by using a range of environment-friendly alternative fuels. These fuels include normal unleaded petrol with an octane rating as low as 85 to more environment-friendly alternative fuels, such as biofuels and liquid petroleum gas.

According to company officials, the 158-kg liquid-cooled engine produces 320 hp and it has an advanced electronic engine management system in place – setting new standards for performance and low life-cycle costs. The 120ยบ V6 engine also has low-lead nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions combined with reduced noise levels as well as high levels of strength, durability and smoothness.

Currently, the engine powers a South African-designed and all-composite SA Ravin 500 light aircraft while Adept is in discussions with investors as well as the South African government in order to fund full production. The company is also seeking regulatory certification through the European Aviation Safety Authorities (EASA) in order to start supplying engines in greater numbers. Moreover, the company will also continue to work closely with composite aircraft manufacturer Ravin to further develop the Ravin 500 aircraft along with a twin-engine aircraft and an all-African range of general aviation aircraft that uses only local suppliers and materials.

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