Off-centered landing leads to an off the runway excursion

General Aviation News will periodically reprint accident reports from the USA’s NTSB and recently they noted the following accident that involved a Cessna 152 in Ellensburg, Washington that resulted in substantial damage to the aircraft but no injuries:

The student pilot, who was practicing touch-and-go landings in calm winds, inadvertently landed near the left edge of the runway. During the landing roll, he did not correct back to the runway centerline. When he added power for takeoff, the airplane veered off the runway. The terrain was rough and the airplane’s nose-wheel collapsed.

In other words, watch for that runway centerline!


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  1. Sylvia February 14, 2011 at 13:39 #

    I have to admit, I came very close to doing this when I was learning. Landed at an angle and was ready to put full power on and go straight up again. The instructor was with me and had me abort the touch and go (we had plenty of runway) so he could explain exactly what I was setting myself up for. I was already solo by then so I was really lucky it happened with him in the plane and not on my own!

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