One pilot’s checklist…

All pilots know the importance of having checklists for the specific aircraft that they are flying and some of these checklists can be much more complicated and lengthier than others depending upon the type of aircraft being flown. Hence Sulako, the blogger behind Sulako’s Blog, has recently posted this checklist (we have excluded all of the “painful and boring” details) for the aircraft he flies:

      1. Customs/canpass
      2. Oxygen system
      3. Circuit breakers all in, switches switched appropriately – we double-check these because our maintenance guys could have done routine maintenance on the airplane and left c/b’s pulled or switches in unusual positions as part of their maintenance checks.
      4. We fire up our standby attitude indicator (we actually have 2 standby AI’s) to make sure it has spun up before flight
      5. If we are doing a ground-power-unit (GPU / battery cart) start, then we leave our generators off, but if we are doing an engine start from our own battery we leave our gens on…
      6. Battery emer check
      7. We check our various warning systems
      8. We check our fuel crossfeed valves and indicators
      9. Inverters
      10. Pressurization and environmental
      11. Trim / Flaps
      12. CVR
      13. Autopilot 
      14. Atis / GPS / Data / Takeoff Briefing / clocks and bugs
      15. Pax advisory / coffee

Below these checks is a little black line with further checks to perform once everyone is on board (he includes these check in another paragraph). In fact, he noted that he can do all of these checks in about five minutes (since he is familiar with the plane) – less time than it took to write them down…


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