Own a 1/10th share of an original Supermarine Spitfire

The Boultbee Flight Academy, the only accredited Spitfire training academy in the world located at the Goodwood Aerodrome in Chichester (West Sussex), has just announced a unique opportunity for pilots to purchase a 1/10th share in an original Supermarine Spitfire in flying condition.

Any syndicate members who wish to undertake training to fly the aircraft themselves will need to hold a current Private Pilots License and then learn to fly on one of the academy’s two seat Spitfire TR9s. Once an owner has mastered the basics, he or she can complete further training in order to display the aircraft at their own private events or even airshows.

The Spitfire itself will be based at the Goodwood Aerodrome, formerly RAF Westhampnett, which had been a Hurricane and Spitfire base during the Battle of Britain and World War II. Each share is expected to cost in the £250,000 (around US$380,500) range and can be purchased by pilots and non-pilots alike. And since the Spitfire is classified as a wasting asset, it will avoid capital gains taxes.

A quick look at BoultbeeFlightAcademy.co.uk reveals a number of cool resources, including the following short video:

And if owning a 1/10th share of a Spitfire is beyond your budget right now, a price list for learning how to fly one (or other aircraft like a Tiger Moth) along with a list of related merchandise is available here.

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