Oxygen requirements for unpressurized aircraft

When you start to fly at higher altitudes in an unpressurized aircraft, it is important to know when you and your passengers must be on oxygen to avoid hypoxia. Hence, Jason Schappert of the MzeroA.com blog has put together a short video to remind pilots of aviation oxygen requirements. These requirements are the following:

  • 12,500 FT MSL to 14,001 FT MSL (for more than 30 minutes): Crew must be on oxygen.
  • 14,000 FT MSL to 15,000 FT MSL: All crew must be on oxygen.
  • Above 15,000 FT MSL: Oxygen must also be provided to passengers but they are not required to use it.

And even if you are not planning to fly at high altitudes in an unpressurized aircraft, you may be asked about aviation oxygen requirements on your checkride.

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