Pilot builds a Boeing 737 simulator in his garage

While most aviation enthusiasts don’t go beyond having Microsoft Flight simulator on their computer, the tecca blog has reported that James Price of Pleasanton, California who is an air traffic controller at Oakland International Airport and a private pilot, has spent 12 years to build a fully functioning Boeing 737 flight simulator in his garage that even uses an actual commercial jet cockpit and nose section.

Price also went a step further and designed and programmed his own simulation software with lifelike visuals that project onto a massive wrap-around screen. The visuals even interface with the simulator’s instruments, knobs, and switches plus 90% of the original instruments from his Lufthansa 737 cockpit are fully functional.

The only thing missing from Price’s simulator is the motion. However, he could always put his simulator on hydraulics as his next decade long project.

No word on whether Price is married nor what his wife thinks of the simulator taking up no doubt a large position of the garage!


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