Practicing solo spins

It is natural to be a little nervous about spin training or practicing solo spins but Roger Worden has written an account about his recent solo spin practice that should put other pilots at ease. Now this is not the first time Roger has blogged about spin practice or spin training (he previously blogged about doing spins with instructors back in 2005 and 2008 plus about doing a few solo spins in a PW5) and he candidly admits that while he was never nervous about spins when he had an instructor with him, he did find it scary when he practiced spins on his own.

This time around however, Roger had no problems with performing three solo spins in a Blanik. In fact, he states right after he describes his first spin that he was thinking: "’Wow – that was really easy.’ Period – not exclamation point. It was just… easy and natural.” After he describes his second and third spin, he states that he had a much better experience than when he performed his first solo spins back in April. Moreover, Roger states that being at home in the sky and comfortable with performing any maneuver are his goals as a pilot and he feels that he is much closer to achieving these goals after his latest solo spins. 

Thus, if you are not yet at home in the sky and comfortable with spin maneuvers, Rogers posts about spins will certainly go along way to putting your mind at ease.

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