Preparing for an inflight engine failure

An inflight engine failure is a serious emergency and its something that every pilot needs to be prepared for and to practice simulating. Hence, a recent video put together by Jason Schappert for his MzeroA site is well worth watching as Jason explains how to be prepared for and to simulate an inflight engine failure.

In the video, Jason outlined the ABCs of an inflight engine failure emergency. Specifically, he covered:

  • A: Airspeed
  • B: Best landing area
  • C: Checklist (specifically a quick inflight emergency check to troubleshoot the problem)

Jason emphasized the need to be cool, calm and collective and not to get tunnel vision when looking for a place to make an emergency landing because the best place to land may in fact be right below you or behind you – especially if you are flying over an urban or forested area. He also noted that you will need to get onto a control frequency in order to find someone who could be of real assistance to you. Finally, Jason talked about the need to put yourself in position at the 500 feet or 150 meter level to make a safe landing.

At the end of the video, Jason invited viewers to share their thoughts in the comments section about any experiences they may have had that involved an inflight engine failure or any suggestions they have for a pilot who faces such a situation.

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