Price consideration factors when renting an aircraft

If your are like most private pilots or are considering taking up flight lessons, you probably cannot afford to own your own aircraft. After all, owning an aircraft involves not only significant upfront cost but also maintenance cost and not to mention the cost of fuel when the plane is flown (And all of this comes after you have invested a significant amount of money and time to obtain a pilot’s license which must also be maintained).

Hence, Vincent of Plastic Pilot has recently posted an entry well worth reading about the five major factors he believes you should consider when evaluating an aircraft rental price. The factors he listed and goes into further detail about include the following:

  • Dry or wet (In other words, with or without fuel)? 
  • Engine time or flight time? 
  • To the minute, or to the tenth of hour?
  • What about instruction?
  • Fees, fees and fees…
  • Vincent mentions that he has rented aircraft from several different organizations and has never experienced any problems. However, he states that he has never rented an aircraft directly from an owner due to the potential risk of a maintenance issue or even an accident that will inevitably lead to legal questions.

    All of Vincent’s suggestions are excellent. However, are there any other factors that you consider or pilots should be aware of when renting an aircraft?

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