Real life snake on a plane forces an emergency landing

We have noted odd stories about critters like bats, scorpions and smuggled crocodiles getting loose aboard aircraft along with a snake popping out of a cockpit dashboard, but the Jerusalem Post and other media sources are reporting that there was another real life “Snakes on a Plane” incident that caused an emergency landing. Apparently, an EgyptAir flight bound for Kuwait had to land at Hurghada after the crew - Snake on the Plane were alerted by a Jordanian passenger’s screams after being bitten by a snake concealed in his luggage.

The victim was immediately taken off the plane for medical treatment (which he refused), but don’t feel too sorry for him. Authorities say he is a Jordanian who owns a shop selling reptiles and he was smuggling the snake in his carry-on luggage. They also confiscated the snake (no word on what kind of snake it was) and Egypt Air is conducting an investigation into the incident.

This is not the not the first time a snake has found its way onto a commercial aircraft. Earlier this year, the Scottish SPCA had to be called after Glasgow airport staff found a stowaway reptile under seats on a flight from Cancun, Mexico.

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