Reassembling a Cessna 182RG video

Max Trescott recently posted this video of a Cessna 182RG being reassembled after its landing gear was damaged in an accident. The video actually consists of several thousand photos taken over several weeks and these photos were put together into a two minute video to help viewers appreciate the amount of effort that goes into repairing even the smallest amount of damage.

However, Max has also written a fair amount of detail about the aviation group doing the repair. Apparently, they are faith supported ministry who operate such aircraft all over the world and there are many interesting videos posted on the group’s Vimeo page. Moreover, their corporate blog details and includes plenty of pictures of some of the repair work they are doing on aircraft in Central and South America. In other words, they are not your typical aviation group and working for them as a pilot would definitely be interesting!

Moody Aviation’s Cessna 182 Assembly from Paul Jones on Vimeo.


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