Reducing risk in the cockpit podcast

Jason Schappert, the blogger behind the blog and website, has recently recorded his sixth podcast with this one being focused on reducing risk in the cockpit. In the podcast, Jason focuses on the lessons learned from three recent airline incidents: the Northwest airline flight that overshot the Minneapolis airport, a recent Delta landing on a taxi way instead of the runway and a runway incursion incident in Los Angeles (Interestingly enough, all three recent incidents involved either Delta or Northwest planes and Jason makes the comment about whether the recent merger has pilots with both airlines on edge).

Jason makes a couple of interesting points such as having a “sterile cockpit” below 3,000 feet and the need to avoid distractions in the cockpit (he further notes that his website contains a “lessons learned” section where he candidly admits to some of the mistakes he once made as a new pilot along with mistakes that other pilots commonly make) – making the podcast (along with his previous podcasts) well worth listening to.

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