Review of the Husky A-1C and a discussion about glass cockpits

Max Trescott has recently posted a review of the Husky A-1C and the the Garmin G500 and G600. In his review, Max stated that the Husky is a “good-looking airplane that can turn heads on any ramp” and then he proceeds into a discussion about glass cockpits. Max ends his post with the following statement:

If you haven’t yet joined the glass cockpit revolution, consider jumping on board soon. Manufacturers continue to provide increased value at ever decreasing costs. Even a tail dragger like the Husky is more fun to fly with a glass cockpit. Consider getting your own piece of glass in 2010!

However, blogger Patrick Flannigan noted in the comments section:

This article highlights one of my concerns about glass cockpits: there is too much variety. There’s the G500 and G600, or you could have the good old Avidyne Entegra, or perhaps the Aspen Evolution, or maybe you’ve got the standard G1000. Let’s not forget about the G3000 coming around the corner.

A very good point indeed! Although Max gave an excellent overview of the options available, the options he mentioned will cost anywhere from US$7,000 to US$30,000 -  a very big investment to consider in order to join the “revolution.”

Garmin G500


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