RNAV approaches

John Ewing of Aviation Mentor has made an observation that many readers who find his blog on the internet are in fact looking for information on RNAV (aRea NAVigation or “random area navigation”) approaches. Since RNAV approaches are a popular but highly complex topic, John has posted a detailed article covering:

Practical information on RNAV approach design, naming conventions, the different approach minima that you might encounter, the types of vertical guidance that may be offered, how ATC will get you established on the approach, and some pre-flight planning considerations.

The article has already attracted a number of comments from readers plus responses from John that are definitely worth reading.

For those still interested in further information on the topic, it would also be well worth revisiting an old House of Rapp post about RNAV approaches that mentioned a very informative online RNAV approach quiz that is worth taking. 


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